Many Voices, One Cause

Merle Carroll


Merle Carroll

Board Member /
Chair of Transportation Committee

An avid volunteer for good causes, Ms. Carroll was invited by HAS Founder Rita Carrington and affiliate Leona Brown to support the well-being of older adults.


Merle Carroll served New York City Transit as a Level II Station Supervisor for 25 years. Additionally, Ms. Carroll has held various executive board positions with the Esplanade Gardens Shareholder Association as Secretary and subsequently, Treasurer. As the third Vice President of National Association of Business and Professional Women, Inc., she established their first youth division.

Ms. Carroll is actively involved in her residence’s association serving in a leadership capacity for Building 4 of Esplanade Gardens, and Central Harlem Senior Citizens Center. She is Chairperson of Mother Clara Hale Bus Depot Committee which established the first Green Depot in the world. Ms. Carroll has volunteered at numerous HAS’ events to lead its hospitality team.