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Paulette Nixon


Paulette Nixon
Board Member/

In 2013, Paulette Nixon was introduced to Harlem Advocates for Seniors, Inc. (HAS) while participating in the Senior Advocacy training program that was sponsored by Abyssinian Development Corporation NORC (Naturally Occurring Retirement Community) program, via the program’s trainer, Ms. Flo Wiley, an affiliate of HAS.


Ms. Nixon is a retired Financial Manager Consultant with a 35-year career which includes supervising an accounts payable unit, as well as being a lease administrator for 300 Citibank properties.

She currently serves as the first Vice President of the West 135th Street Tenant Association. Ms. Nixon has held the position of Secretary at Harlem Advocates for Seniors, Inc. since 2014. After raising her four children, she received a bachelor’s degree from the College of New Rochelle in 2008.  She continued to advance her education and earned a master’s degree in Public Administration in 2019 at the age of 72.

Ms. Nixon is most proud of identifying and recovering a $3.6 million deficit during her tenure at Cushman& Wakefield, Inc. a/a/f Citibank. (The deficit was due to a Citibank client’s overpayments of leased retail space.) She was awarded the Grandparent of the Year Award in 2017 by the Grandparents Around the World organization.

Ms. Nixon also enjoys spending time with family and friends in challenging and stimulating conversations. She enjoys listening to R&B and gospel music. Among her favorite artists are Tamala Mann, Yolanda Adams, Kirk Franklin, Mahalia Jackson, Four Tops, Jill Scott, Temptations, etc. Her favorite movies are “This Christmas” and “The Ten Commandments.” She enjoys the beauty of the outdoors and loves gardening.