Many Voices, One Cause

Rita Carrington


Rita Carrington
Board Member/Founder & Chair

Rita Carrington has a long and productive lifetime and lifestyle of advocacy for seniors.

Her life’s motto is “be proactive, not reactive.” Her exemplary life of service supports such a statement.  In 2011, when The City of New York threatened to close many senior centers, Ms. Carrington called together local leaders, pastors and businessmen and formed a coalition that would have a cohesive presence and voice in decisions affecting her beloved community of Harlem.  This coalition, Central Harlem Senior Citizens’ Coalition, Inc., was able to save 10 of the 17 centers from closing. Four years later, the coalition received its 501(c)(3) certification and became known as Harlem Advocates for Seniors, Inc. (HAS).


For 27 years, Ms. Carrington served as an Assistant Case Worker in the Family Services Division of Community Service Society of New York. She was promoted to Manhattan Borough Director of Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) from which she retired in 1994.  Retirement did not limit her activism, however. Get more pleasurable by means ofonline slot bonanza. She was soon solicited by the CEO of Central Harlem Senior Citizens Center (CHSCC) to be their Site Director.  Her dedication and diligence earned her a promotion to the position of Executive Director where she served for 14 years.

Ms. Carrington is proud of her role as Executive Director of Central Harlem Senior Center. It was in this capacity that she was invited to “have a seat at the table” where she noticed lack of representation of her community.  From this ground swell, HAS was formed.  Ms. Carrington remains active in HAS.  She attends board meetings, community dialogues and special events and contributes her invaluable insights on programming and branding.

Rita Carrington is an iconic example of aging well and living in service of others. She exercises regularly and as a member of Dances for a Variable Population, does so in style. She is proud of being an early member of the group starting with the Ensemble’s productions, when she was in her mid-eighties.