Chair Yoga is Back! Come Join Peggy for Another Cycle of Classes

OK! If Zumba is not what you do, then come join the remarkable Peggy Hill, Certified Yoga Instructor, and let her inspire you with her daily inspirational words to start each chair yoga exercise class.

Then get ready for an exciting class of movement, paced just right, to get the muscles activated again. By the end of the class, you will feel energized, and uplifted. And, after the full series of classes, you will feel exuberant, confident, and ready to leap back into active living.

Let’s get going! Tell your friends, and neighbors, and bring the whole crew. Schedule a watch party at each other’s home, and work out together. Have fun, while you exercise.

Peggy in her yoga classes promotes, No Pain, Is Gain. Experience the benefits of yoga, and feel better.

Classes start on Tues April 13th, at 10 am.

Just click on this link and complete the registration process.

See you there.

Note: You can be on or off camera and fully participate.


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